RadioStPete Newsletter Sept. 2023

Station News:

  • Island Time with Nannerz celebrated the live and legacy of Jimmy Buffett on her Friday 9/8/23 broadcast at 3pm.
  • Mark O Radio Happy Hour live every Friday from 6 to 8PM, check the links below or call in to be a part of the show! Mark and Stephanie’s Friday 9/8/23 broadcast featured a live interview with singer and songwriter Sarah “Teeny Wolf” of Ernestine Black Band. Listen to the episode here. Find out about Ernestine Black Band:
  • Florida Folk Show was live at Hawthorne Bottle Shoppe at 2927 Central Ave N on Saturday 9/9/23 with TC Carr and Pete Merrigan, who performed a tribute to Jimmy Buffett live on RadioStPete beginning at 10am. The two musical guests also spoke on their relationship(s) with Jimmy Buffett. This broadcast will also featured an interview with Tonya Riley and Adam Brame, marine scientists working to save the sawfish population in Florida. Watch and listen to the episode here.
  • Paul Ingels, musical producer and specials presenter, broadcasted REMEMBERING JIMMY BUFFETT: His early GREAT EIGHT albums of the 1970’s on Saturday 9/9/2023 at 12:15PM following Florida Folk Show. This broadcast featured a heart-felt sampling of 16 of the most loved, yet underplayed, songs on Buffett’s first eight albums released from 1970-1978. Buffett’s first albums provided the foundation of his successful 45-year music and live performance career, with many of his hits originating on these very albums.
  • Expanded Local Sports Coverage on RadioStPete Sports Director Mike Rickord continues to expand his sports programming. “On the Tee -Florda” airs Thursdays from 5-7pm and the “Tampa St. Pete Sports Connection” airs Saturdays 12-2pm. Both are broadcast live from Ferg’s Sports Bar and Grill in downtown St. Pete and heard on our “St. Pete Sounds” and “Florida Sports Stream” channels on and across our digital platform as well as on a growing network of over the air radio stations around the state.  Mike’s 2 Minute daily local sports updates as well as new local high school sports updates are also heard three times daily in our 8a, 12n and 5p news blocks on 96.7 FM and St. Pete Sounds.
  • RadioStPete was live Monday, 9/11/23 at 10am broadcasting from Curlew Hills Memory Gardens in Palm Harbor with retired FDNY firefighter John W. Norman, local leaders, master of ceremonies Mark Wilson, a helicopter flyover, and musical performances from Sonya Bryson and the Palm Harbor High School After School Specials, for a special memorial service for the almost 3,000 lives lost in the September 11th 2001 attacks. Curlew Hills Memory Gardens is located at: 1750 Curlew Road in Palm Harbor. More info:
  • Gallery Grooves at the Morean Arts Center returns Wednesday, September 13, with Charlie Morris. The show will be a live remote broadcast at the Morean Arts Center located at: 719 Central Ave N. St. Petersburg, FL 33701. Doors are at 5:30PM and the show is from 6-7PM. Come in person or listen live on RadioStPete! Gallery Grooves at the Morean Arts Center will continue with John Frinzi in November.
  • Storm Emergency Information.   RadioStPete frequently interrupted regular programming in the days prior to Hurricane Idalia and during the storm to broadcast official briefings from the City of St. Petersburg, Pinellas County, Tampa and Hillsborough County as well as statewide updates from the Florida Emergency Operations Center.  Look to us for continuing coverage of future storms visiting our area carried live on 96.7 FM and across our digital platform.
  • Extended News and Features at 8am, 12 noon and 5pm.   In addition to our hourly news and weather updates, hear extended news, commentary and features daily on RadioStPete.  Our daily “Lunchtime Conversations” programming includes extended conversations produced by our RadioStPete volunteers, our friends at the St. Pete Catalyst, Habitat Pinellas, PCTA, Car-Free St., Pete and many other local organizations. You will also hear national programs from PRX and Pacifica at the noon hour on RadioStPete dealing with important topics.
  • Florida Folk Show kicked off an amazing International Play Music On Your Porch Day on August 26, 2023, in cooperation with the Craftsman House at 2955 Central Ave N and the Historic Kenwood Neighborhood Association. Watch the replay here: Florida Folk Show live every Saturday from 10am to 12pm, check the links below for details
  • The Concrete Peninsula joins RadioStPete. Chris Nadeau hosts our new punk rock show, featuring diverse punk rock, DIY, and indie music every Wednesday from 10 to 11PM.
  • RadioStPete Instagram update! Currently at 208 followers!

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  • Andie Rogas, our first ever RadioStPete intern returned to college in late August. Everyone misses you, Andie!

DJ Spotlight: Fiona Frensche of Women in Song

Women in Song every Monday from 4-5PM

Q: When you create your weekly show, Women in Song, what inspires your playlist/show each week?

Fiona: I search for artists on social media, including Facebook, Instagram, Creative Loafing, Go Tonight to see who is performing. The women who gig on a regular basis definitely take priority in my support of playing their music, because I know what it takes to perform for 3 or 4 hours in the heat, schlep equipment, and stay healthy so they can be present and on point at their show.  Many of them work a 9-5 job in addition to gigging, in addition to the hours spent on promoting with social media, which compels me to do what I can to get people to their shows. At the very least I hope I can help build their audience base.  Regarding a playlist, I try to combine at least 4 or 5 genres to be fair to the musicians and the audience too.

Q: What are your favorite parts of being a musician in Tampa Bay Florida? What makes your spirit shine?

Fiona: My favorite part of performing is getting to know my community, both musician-wise and audience-wise.  Before becoming a host for RSP, I really did not go out a lot to listen to live music because I used the one or two nights I had off to simply recover from the gigs!

But since becoming involved with RSP, I am so inspired by so many musicians and what they are doing, that I force myself to go see them live. The wonderful part is that I can listen to all of these great talents, any time day or night, by accessing our catalog. When I hear something I like, I track them down on social media, and voilà!  I see where they are gigging.

Another favorite part of being a musician is that I get to try out many new songs with a live audience and get immediate feedback. Because the audiences have such a diverse palette, when it comes to the style of music that they like, my dream of performing a Cabaret show has morphed into a cabaret/dance/jazz/bossa nova show instead.  I include French songs, which are my favorite to sing, every chance I get but there are nights when, inevitably I end up singing I LOVE ROCK & ROLL.

My spirit shines when I interview an artist in my humble little studio and they turn out to be intelligent, charming, self-deprecating, humble and very talented, all in one session!

My spirit also shines when I get together with my radio pals at RSP and we talk shop. I haven’t felt this connected to a community since I palled around (how do you use pal around as a verb?) with 3 different girl bands in NYC in the 90’s. Going to the Barbie movie with my radio girrrlfriends was a real treat!

Q: What wisdom do you have to pass on to other or future members the RadioStPete team?

Fiona: The only wisdom I could possibly imagine imparting is the more shows you listen to, the more open and interested to know (and hear) more, you will become.

Q: What do you want to see RadioStPete do in future?

Fiona: I would love it if we, as hosts could interview RSP hosts on our shows and by doing so, expand the listenership of an audience that may not have been interested in listening to a particular show, but having been introduced to the host, on a show they are already familiar with, their curiosity is peaked and they end up tuning in to a new show. I would also like RSP to participate in PRIDE 2024 by live streaming, becoming a sponsor and sending some of our hosts to interview acts and review shows. We should be on a float for the parade.

I have to send a THANK YOU to ALL at RSP for making me proud to be a part of what I think is the coolest non-profit station in our area. We have so much to be proud of and so much we have yet to accomplish. I never thought I’d be listening to the Florida Folk Show on a regular basis, or listening to country, but it’s the people that do the work that force me to expand my musical horizons and simply TUNE IN!

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Compiled and written by: Joe Bourdow. J Kolb, and Stefanie Hinton

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