February 2024 Newsletter

RadioStPete Thrive DTSP Studio

Prepares for March 6 Ribbon Cutting

3/6: Joe Bourdow, RadioStPete President, and J Kolb, RadioStPete Music Director, have been running tests in the new studio at Thrive DTSP during the final weeks of January. The official opening of the shared studio workspace will be Tuesday, March 6, 2024, with the ribbon cutting ceremony at 12PM/Noon.

“The St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and RadioStPete will host the ribbon cutting and reception for members, VIPs, and media at the Thrive DTSP. Prior to March 6th, volunteers will be training and producing initial broadcasts from the new RadioStPete studio downtown.” -Nanette Wiser, RadioStPete News Director

“In January 2024, RadioStPete opened their brick and mortar studio inside the bustling Thrive DSTP co-working space at 136 4th Street North in downtown St. Petersburg. Here, RadioStPete can conduct live in-person interviews, produce segments, host lunch and learns in the adjacent conference rooms and other RSP events in addition to off-premises productions.” -Nanette Wiser, RadioStPete News Director

“Our new studio in the very heart of downtown St. Pete will be a convenient place for community leaders in business, government, non-profits, and the arts to join us for interviews and a great place for our many volunteers to work as well.  The Thrive DTSP Community is a great fit for our new RadioStPete studio!” -Joe Bourdow, RadioStPete President and General Manager

Joe Bourdow in the Studio at Thrive DTSP
Learn more about Thrive DTSP

3/7 & 3/8: RadioStPete is preparing for a two-day fundraiser event on Thursday, March 7th and Friday, March 8th. This special event will include live performances by many Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg area musicians and lively conversation with volunteers. These events are crucial to the success of RadioStPete’s local LP FM broadcasts and the digital audio network of three online channels that stream worldwide!

RadioStPete welcomes new intern, Jordan Kalajian, a journalism student at USF St. Petersburg.  Kalajian joins a new team of volunteer correspondents, taking on a diverse range of tasks. Working with Boudrow and RSP Insider News Director Nanette Wiser, Kalajian will create multimedia audio/blog stories about our community, covering arts, culture, events, news features, people making a difference and more, honing her reporting skills and contributing to our stations’ expanded local coverage.”  -Nanette Wiser, RadioStPete News Director


Nanette Wiser Elevates RadioStPete

RadioStPete News Director



“National journalist Nanette Wiser is the former executive editor of Copley News, Paradise News and a correspondent for Tampa Bay Newspapers. Wiser has been reporting for RadioStPete starting Fall 2023 – Wednesday with Wiser (12PM/Noon-1PM) and Saturday Live with The Sassy Scribe (9AM). Wednesday with Wiser is a blog and audio report of curated events, arts, culture, dining,nightlife, and fun from around Tampa Bay, from St. Pete to the beaches and beyond. Her Let’s Go guides appear on RSP and her Linked In.” -Nanette Wiser, RadioStPete News Director

 “In 2024, she joined RadioStPete as News Director, collaborating with Joe Bourdow and launching RadioStPete Insider, an online and on-air magazine with dozens of local correspondents.  You can find RadioStPete Insider multimedia stories on the blog page of RadioStPete as well as RSP’s programming highlight archive, Insider features and our new monthly entertainment newsletter. New this month is Jordan’s interview with Sharon Folta and her film Lil’ Satchmo and a kids’ fishing report from the Jan. Power Boat Show. Coming up? An interview with Grand Prix local racer Nikita Johnson, Preserve The Burg’s new walking tour,Matthew McGee and Free Fall Theater, Zubrick Magic Theater and a new series: “We,The People” with local sound bytes on what’s on the minds of our community on various topics.” -Nanette Wiser, RadioStPete News Director

Got a story idea? Email wiser86@gmail.com” -Nanette Wiser, RadioStPete News Director

You can find RadioStPete Insider on the blog page of RadioStPete as well as previous month’s newsletters and mid-month mini news updates.

Read RadioStPete Insider on the RadioStPete Blog
Let’s Go Nanette! Check out her latest post here
Find Wednesdays with Wiser and Sassy Scribe in the Archives
Email the Nanette Wiser, News Director, with your story idea here

Florida Folk Show


2/10: On Saturday, February 10, Florida Folk Show will broadcast at 10AM from the FWC, Florida Wildlife Corridor Headquarters in St. Petersburg, located at 530 Terminal Dr S, St Petersburg, FL 33712. Pete Gallagher and Tim Valle of the Florida Folk Show are attempting to find as many songwriters as possible who have written songs about the Florida panther or the environmental challenges Florida faces to perform live on this broadcast.

“Mike Jurgenson promises to bring his “Panther 62” song and a video to go with it, which we can easily broadcast. T.C. Carr has a good one “Hold On Big Cat,” that he and Lennie will present live that day. If anyone knows anybody with a panther or related Florida environmental song, please let me know, or contact them and see if they are interested.” -Pete Gallagher

Please email Pete Gallagher if you have a panther or environmentalist song!
Join the Florida Folk Show Facebook Group here

1/25: RadioStPete’s “Florida Folk Show” crew spent a few hours on Thursday, January 25 on the 117-ft, 5-story R/V Western Flyer. The R/V Western Flyer is St. Petersburg’s newest research vessel and traveled here from the opposite side of the United States. This large vessel is now docked at the city harbor in front of the Florida Institute of Oceanography (FIO) building, located at 830 1st St S, St. Petersburg, FL 33701. 

Radio Show co-hosts Pete Gallagher and Tim Valle, as well as photographer Diane Gallagher were welcomed by FIO Director: Dr. Monte Graham, Ph. D., Marine Superintendent and Boat Captain: Quentin Lewis, Marketing and Communications Manager: Christopher Sharp, and Chief Engineer: Neil Demers. The meeting between the ship’s crew and the radio hosts was to discuss broadcasting live on RadioStPete from the R/V Western Flyer. No date has been set for the show yet, but it will be announced soon. Captain Quentin Lewis and FIO Director Dr. Monte Grahman, Ph. D. are excited to appear as guests on the show to speak on this amazing addition to the efforts of sea and coastal research in St. Petersburg, Florida and Tampa Bay.

“We visited just about every open space on the ship and found several perfect areas to broadcast the Florida Folk Show,” said Host Pete Gallagher.  “Clearly the R/V Western Flyer will be an integral part of all eco-issues involving the Gulf off Mexico going forward.” 

Learn more about R/V Western Flyer
Learn more about the Florida Institute of Oceanography (FIO)

Florida Folk Nights

3100 3RD AVE N at 7PM

1/31: On Wednesday, January 31 at 7PM, Florida Folk Nights featured the Florida Boys with headliner, national folk musician, Paula Bradley. Paula Bradley, an exceptional banjoist, accomplished singer/songwriter, guitarist, and kazoo player, delighted the audience with her piano/keyboard skills, accompanied by members of The Florida Boys. Paula Bradley appeared on the Florida Folk Show, as well as Rick Mastry, both accompanied by violinist/fiddler Chris, playing both original folk music and classic Appalachian tunes.

Florida Folk Nights continue at The Study Lounge at 3100 3rd Ave N., in the Historic Kenwood area of St. Petersburg.

Watch Paula Bradley and Rick Mastry on the archived Florida Folk Show broadcast here
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Find Paula Bradley’s upcoming shows on ReverbNation

1/20: Florida Folk Show had an incredible broadcast from The Study Lounge located at 3100 3RD AVE N in St. Petersburg, within the Historic Kenwood Neighborhood with TC Carr, harmonica virtuoso, and Sarasota Slim, expert blues guitarist. This special broadcast paid tribute to many of the incredible past and present blues musicians in the Pinellas County area and greater Tampa Bay area.

Watch TC Carr and Sarasota Slim on the archived broadcast here
Find TC Carr online here
Find Sarasota Slim online here

Alexis Baum of AB Sees You Wins Association President of the Year


1/27: Alexis Baum, RadioStPete Board of Directors Member, of Florida Folk Show and AB Sees You has won Association President of the Year at the St. Petersburg Mayor’s Inaugural Neighborhood Awards and Summit, presented at the USF St. Petersburg Campus, for her work as the 2023 President of the Historic Kenwood Neighborhood Association. The Historic Kenwood Neighborhood Association also won the 2023 awards for Community Collaborations and Neighborhood Communications.

Alexis Baum brings her passion for connection and her enthusiasm to RadioStPete on a consistent basis, with her work on her podcast as RadioStPete’s original roving reporter, and most recently connecting RadioStPete with the new Sunday Farmers Market held on Sundays at St. Pete High School at 2500 5th AVE N within the Historic Kenwood Neighborhood.  

Congratulations to Baum for her tireless efforts and to Historic Kenwood for the communication and collaboration accomplishments!

Visit Historic Kenwood Online
Learn more about the new Sunday Farmers Market

2/24: On Saturday, February 24, RadioStPete will be at the Localtopia 2024, A Community Celebration of all things local! Localtopia, an annual festival showcasing local vendors and artists in the community is in its eleventh year! Localtopia 2024 runs from 10AM-5PM. RadioStPete will be by the soundboard, near the bandstand. We will be live streaming music and doing some audio interviews! Come by and say hello! Localtopia 2024 will be held downtown at Williams Park, located at 330 2nd Ave N, St. Petersburg, FL.

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Seven C Music Writers in the Round

J Kolb Live Broadcast

2/28: Join Seven C Music for their 30th Writers in the Round event on Wednesday, February 28th, for the music of Bud Tower, Grace Morrison Hartley, and songwriting genius, Jane Fallon. J Kolb, RadioStPete Music Director, will be broadcasting the first hour live on Sunshine 96.7FM and RadioStPete.com

“Come hear some of Tampa Bay Area’s finest songwriters as they share some of the stories that inspired their songs”Seven C

1/24: Seven C Music hosted a Songwriters in the Round event on January 24th. Produced by Tampa Bay Area Singer/Songwriters Alliance, this live event featured the singing and songwriting talent of: Paul Young, Audrey Short, and Eric Swanson. Mr. J. Kolb of Music By the Bay with J and the RadioStPete Music Director, live remote broadcasted the first hour on RadioStPete.com.


Seven C Music is a monthly supporter of RadioStPete, a live music venue, a specialty guitar retailer and repair shop, and coffee bar. They are located at 535 22nd ST S., in St. Petersburg, within the Warehouse Arts District.

Tampa Bay ASSA on Facebook
Visit Seven C Music Online
Visit Jane Ross Fallon Online

Women of Song, Fiona Frensche


2/7: Fiona Fresnche is performing her monthly Le Frensche Cabaret show at Verducci’s Pizzeria & Trattoria located at 7800 Blind Pass RD, St. Pete Beach, FL, in an intimate cabaret setting in their back room. Her next performance is scheduled for Wednesday, February 7, 2024. Le Frensche Cabaret is looking for fellow Women of Song / local female singer/songwriters to guest perform at these shows for a three song set, with sound and stage area provided. Guest performers will also be provided a location at the venue to sell their merchandise if desired. Please email Fiona Frensche for more information or send her a text message.

Women of Song is celebrating African American History Month with an emphasis on stories of iconic African American women of song and local African American singers, songwriters, and artists. Tune in to hear Josephine Baker, Rebecca Pearl, host of the Young Musicians Hour, with her spoken word poetry, Synia Carroll covering Nina Simone’s classic song “Sinner Man,” and much, much more celebrating the important contribution of black female artists to the music community!

In February and beyond, Women of Song, airing Mondays at 4PM, will continue to feature new interviews for fellow singer/songwriters and musicians local to the area and within the Women of Song space. Frensche plans to begin to utilize the Thrive DTSP studio space for future interviews!

Updates available on Fiona Frensche’s Facebook Page
Email Fiona Frensche here
Find Rebecca Pearl of the Young Musicians Hour on Facebook

Hey there, I’m visiting, here to see Mary Gauthier in Sarasota. So, I wake up, pour some coffee, and put Sunshine radio on. Imagine my surprise when I heard my song “Hurricane Blew” played. Wow thanks! Talk about being in the right place at the right time!  -Valerie Wisecracker, singer, songwriter, and banjoist


DJ Spotlight: Stefanie Hinton


** Karen Carmichael and I interviewed one another for this special dual spotlight! **

Q: What’s your favorite part of doing Get to the Roots?

S: My favorite part of doing GTTR is putting together a great playlist of music that has a wide range and yet somehow relates (blends) together. I also like adding in music from other parts of Florida and other  parts of the country that also relate to the overall feel of the episode. This connects RadioStPete to the wider community because it uses songs or clips from the internet and creates something fun. My other favorite part is to make a show that will brighten up someone’s day when they listen.

Q: What inspires you every week?

S: In particular, I get inspiration from the Florida Folk Show, but I listen to everyone, maybe not every week, but I try to tune into as many shows as I can. The work of the other hosts energizes me. I see everyone working so hard on their shows. I use their energy and their passion. I guess every other show host on RadioStPete inspires and fuels me. Their influence combines with my energy and passion inspires me to work hard on my show.

Q: What advice do you have to give to future or other members of RadioStPete?

S: We are a great team of volunteers. Our community is a group that works together and supports one another. We build each other up and that makes us strong. We treat one another with love, kindness and compassion. We offer support, cooperation and understanding. Those are the qualities our team has. We are stronger together because we respect each other and build on individual strengths. 

Q: What would you like to see RadioStPete do in the future?

S: I think that if we can continue to grow and be a very supportive, loving, and compassionate community we can become “Radio Florida.”

Get to the Roots on Facebook

Social Media Spotlight:

Karen Carmichael

RadioStPete Instagram

Q: What inspired you to start working on the RadioStPete Instagram?

K: That was a happy accident! I was talking to Joe and J one day and they were saying they wanted to find someone to do it. J said he would put an add on Volunteer Match, so I said would help with that. I started out as the person to reach out to people who volunteered at the time, but it turned out that many of them were out of state. I thought it was important to have someone local to work on the Instagram. Joe gave me access, I started playing around with it, and here we are with 200 subscribers more, almost a thousand total! It’s fun.

Q: When you work on RadioStPete’s Instagram, what is your goal or what are you trying to accomplish?

K: One of the main things I’m trying to do is give our radio hosts a public face. When I was growing up in NY, the radio hosts on AM radio were all personalities. Some of them stayed on the radio for years and when I became an adult, many were still popular. We would see them on the subway or in the city, we’d be like wow! You felt like you were a part of the scene. My goal is to highlight our hosts and the work they do, the energy they bring to the community, and acknowledge them as St Pete community members.

When people follow us on Instagram or Facebook, they will start to recognize the hosts from the photos. It acknowledges who they are in the community. They’re not just a faceless voice on the radio.

The other goal is to highlight the music we have in this town. St Pete is a city of the arts. No matter where you go, you see the visual arts: murals, galleries, etc.; somehow, the performing arts don’t get the same focus. We have some fabulous musicians in this town! They work hard, often only for tips. Let’s get them some recognition.

Also, I would love it if they would start to follow us, because it’s much easier for us to tag them in the posts. Tagging them is a great way to thank them for the generosity they show us by providing their music. I try to see if they’re going to be on a show that afternoon and get them into the social media stories.

Q: What do you think RadioStPete should do in future?

K: With the opening of the studio, it’s really going to give a boost to the station and the community. I think that the future is open to us now. I’m hoping there’s going to be some kind of connection to the performances in Williams Park, with the stage getting upgraded, open in a few years for more performances, there’s a huge opportunity there. I think being downtown we’re in the right place at the right time. The sky’s the limit!

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