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6pm (and 11pm) "Anything Goes Rock and Roll Party " with Dr. Chuck Stevens

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Sun; 3pm "Country Fastball" with Robert Buan "Spring Training Special"

Sun; LIVE TBA "Race of The Day" Tampa Bay Downs "Bob's Picks" air at 8:10 and 12:10pm

Sponsored every Race Day by The Stanford Insurance Group of Tampa.  Horse Racing handicapper Bob Bauer with legendary track announcer Richard Grunder on the live race call.

Mon; LIVE 4pm "Music Tampa Bay" with Rick Crandall Live from "The Zoo Studios" downtown.

All Tampa Bay musicians and all original music every week day afternoon on  24 hours a day online at Music Tampa and on air downtown at 96.7FM.  

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  • DR. CHUCK STEVENS : You can cootact me anytime. thanks for listning to radio st pete
  • DR. CHUCK STEVENS : Hello gang,things on the health front are getting better,hope to return to the radio waves soon. Thaanks for all the well wishes.
  • Frank Rivera : RadioStPete has a lot of great programming. Thanks for listening, and stay warm!
  • guest_352 : Hello from from the frozen north ... we too have kids down there and have discovered RadioStPete. So happy to hear the St. Olaf program early Sundays.
  • Jane : We tune in for this every Sunday over dinner. Know this is random but we are in Danville, Va but have kids in Clearwater. Jane
  • Frank Rivera : Welcome to Sunday Night Jazz!
  • RadioStPete : Yes 1934
  • guest_8976 : A bunch of hall of famers, listen to the typewriters
  • guest_8862 : go Tigers is this 34.
  • guest_9767 : This is amazing ,,
  • Remembering 1973 : Anything from my special year. Hope you are back to full speed soon Dr.
  • Dr. Chuck : or deop in our facebook page at dr chuck anything goes rock and roll party.
  • Dr. Chuck : Ok gang. Starting tofeel a little better and finding time to put requests together for Saturday night 6pm and 11pm party shows. Please email me yours to
  • DR. CHUCK STEVENS : Oops thanks for tuning in and should be back live real soon.
  • DR. CHUCK STEVENS : Hope everyone is ok. Chemo round two is going ok so me your requests for upcoming shows to drchuckontoi
  • Jane : HI Frank ... stumbled on your show from way up here tonight in frozen north . We will be back.
  • RadioStPete : Bob Bauer picks the winners at Tampa Bay Downs today on RadioStPete!
  • Frank Rivera : Welcome to Sunday Night Jazz!
  • Frank Rivera : Pete?
  • guest_4486 : Good music Lil Brother. I am in Cal.
  • RadioStPete : 10-4
  • RadioStPete : kauoaMSi
  • guest_9680 : mA Smtvnm yC
  • guest_9680 : Zm
  • Frank Rivera : From all of us on Sunday Night Jazz: Happy New Year!
  • Frank Rivera : Merry Christmas to one and all from the Radio St. Pete family.
  • DK in Largo : Dr Chuck...Great choice of Christmas songs. Good luck with upcoming surgery. My family, friends, and I are all praying for a full recovery.
  • Dr. Chuck Stevens : Merry Christmas to you and yours. Check out my Christmas special now on and again at 11pm eastern.
  • Lola : Loving Kurt Elling, Frank! Keeping playing the best Jazz in Tampa Bay!!!
  • RadioStPete : Wow!
  • DK in Largo : Another great show Saturday, can't wait til your back on the air in two weeks
  • RadioStPete : Good Morning. Happy Holidays!
  • Frank Rivera : Welcome to Sunday Night Jazz!
  • RadioStPete : Welcome to our friends at St. Olaf College and "Sing For Joy" our new Sunday morning feature at 8:35am ET.
  • Frank Rivera : Please let us know if there's a special tune you'd like to listen to.
  • Frank Rivera : Thanks for tuning in.
  • Pinellas Park Listen : Just so you don't think nobody down the road is listening. Thanks for jazz on Sunday night.
  • Fran from St. Louis : Sorry for the typos got overcome by Frank S
  • Fran from St. Louis : Count us a rgular listeners Frank!!
  • RadioStPete : Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Frank Rivera : Goodnight, everyone! Happy Thanksgiving! Stay safe, stay strong!
  • Martin : Frank this is so great. Happy Tgiving
  • Frank Rivera : Hey, thanks for listening to
  • Frank Rivera : I'll try to keep you warm. I'll be up in Montreal quite soon.
  • guest_4873 : Listening in the frozen north!
  • Frank Rivera : Hey, it's almost time for Sunday Night Jazz on radiostpete
  • Dr. Chuck Stevens : Thank you to all that are listening all over the world to this special edition of The Beatles Yesterday & Today
  • guest_5752 : Listening in Ashtabula, Ohio
  • RadioStPete : Welcome back!
  • Frank Rivera : Thank you, Lola!
  • Frank Rivera : Test.
  • Lola : Great jazz as always, Frank! Loved the Chick Correa and also the Gregory Porter.
  • Frank Rivera : I have, but not often enough. I am planning to go there next week.
  • Jazz Lover : Frank do you hang at the Hanger downtown? It is cool.
  • RadioStPete : All is good again here at the radio station. Thanks for listening!
  • RadioStPete : We are experiencing technical difficulties this Friday afternoon ET out of our control. Please stand by. We hope to return to normal programming soon.
  • Dr. Chuck Stevens : Beatles live in concert special on now. Enjoy
  • Lola : Frank is a jazz gem!
  • guest_3752 : We love Frank Rivera!!!
  • Dr. Chuck Stevens : This weekend on The Beatles Yesterday & Today Sunday at 1pm we go LIVE in concert all over the world . Tune in and enjoy!
  • guest_8150 : Listening to the "Happy Hour" Show 38,000 feet over Texas on American Airlines!!
  • Frank Rivera : Welcome to Sunday Night Jazz on radiostpete, live from the Music Room in Dunedin, Florida.
  • RadioStPete : Thanks for tuning in tonight ... this program repeats tonight at 11pm ET.. tomorrow Dr. Chuck has a John Lennon Birthday Celebration at 1pm ET.
  • Nancy Andrews : Dr. Chuck ... do I remember you from U92 or another station here in Tampa Bay?
  • guest_1268 : But not better than this!
  • guest_1268 : The Big 8 was better!
  • Former CKLW Listener : What a great show!
  • guest_8724 : The Doctor is in the house tonight!!
  • Award Committee Judg : You won another one tonight!
  • SpikeOnTheMic : The Award Deserving Show Spike On The Mic at 7p
  • Frank Rivera : Oh, and thanks for listening and for reaching out.
  • Frank Rivera : Please do.
  • Jazz Lover : Found your show randomly tonight thanks to Twitter out here in California. Hard to find shows like this. I will be back.
  • RadioStPete : We have lost our Upcoming Events Page for the moment. 10pm Indie Circuit with mOw follows Jazz tonight.
  • Frank Rivera : Jazz goes great with a win!
  • guest_9171 : Chilling with jazz after great Rays win!
  • Al Cajon : sounds Grrrreat Doc!
  • Larry H : First time listening to your show. take care Cous.
  • Kahuna : Good to hear you on the airwaves again. Hope you've peaked that mountain & you are on the road to recovery.
  • Frank Rivera : .
  • guest_5077 : Thanks for the music tonight. Mu husband and I will be there for winter a few days before Thanksgiving. Susan
  • Radiostpete : Thanks all. Please come back for the late night repeat at 11pm ET. Archives tomorrow. Great to have you back Dr. Chuck.
  • Al Cajon : Welcome back Doc! Great show!
  • guest_6944 : Do they put this in the archive? Classic stuff
  • guest_3295 : Over the top Chuck
  • guest_6500 : Dr. Chuck is WELCOME BACK in THE HOUSE.... David in Dunedin
  • Edna : So good to have you choosing my music tonight. I hear what you pick and then look it up. Thanks.
  • Frank Rivera : Thanks for listening to Sunday Night Jazz. Catch you next week.
  • Frank Rivera : The weather, particularly hurricanes, are to be taken seriously. Stay safe!
  • Charleston Charlie : Not a good place to be this week .. we are chilling listening to you show tonight trying to make some decisions. Know you all go through this down in Tampa from time to time!
  • Lisa Jamison : Yes we are... missed you and your music last week.
  • Frank Rivera : I hope that you are enjoying tonight's Sunday Night Jazz program.
  • RadioStPete : Frank Rivera is unable to be with us live tonight. Enjoy nonstop smooth jazz. We look forward to having Frank back with us next week or soon.
  • Rick : Listening in Missouri. Sounding good
  • Frank Rivera : Welcome to Sunday Night Jazz!
  • Angie : Please come back soon we mis you. We play it i th e diner, both your shows here in THE BRONX NY
  • Dr. Chuck Stevens : thank you for all the email and cards. also
  • Dr. Chuck Stevens : Hi friends and fans. Yes believe it or not I am listning to the radio st. pete from my hospital room. Getting better and will be back soon. All the best See you at 6.
  • Lola : Wonderful! Thank you!
  • Frank Rivera : Hello, Lola! I think that I may have some Bela Fleck.
  • Lola : ...and Bela Fleck? We also saw Bela at the Capital Theater not too long ago. What a great jazz oasis the Tampa Bay area is
  • Lola : Frank! Greatjazz! Ww were at the Chick Corea show on Friday and absolutely loved it. Do you have any Chick ans
  • Frank Rivera : Terribly sorry, but I keep getting knocked off the air. I am playing some good music.
  • Dr .Chuck Party : Hold tight fans and friends. One day at a time. Still voiceless but getting better.1 weeks to go. Almost there
  • Frank Rivera : Until next week; keep jazin'!
  • Hang at Hanger : Sorry we are locals we are not far away ..
  • RadioStPete : Anyone on the website want to say hi?
  • Larry Newsom : Thanks Frank this is cool.
  • Frank Rivera : St. Petersburg is VERY cool! Come on down.
  • Larry Newsom : First time finding you on Sunday Night. Thanks for the jazz my friend. I am listening on Tunein and now just found the website from Marion, Ohio. St. Pete looks cool. Will needc to check it out.
  • Kingston Ont : RadioStPete ...
  • Kingston Ont : Checking in tonight ... we are winter residents down there and keep up with whats up in the summer on
  • Bob : Treasure Island hi! Love the music.
  • RadioStPete : We have no random listeners ... we are happy to have you as fans of our city, Thanks for listening. Anyone else out there tonight who wants to say hi?
  • Jazz Lovers Nancy an : I'm Nancy ... we are random listeners in Athens, Ga who have kids in Florida, love St. Pete and found your show some weeks ago. Love it. Thanks.
  • guest_8359 : Martin your bff
  • guest_8359 : frank listening and loving your show
  • guest_8359 : Frank listening and loving yout show
  • Frank Rivera : It's time for Sunday Night Jazz!
  • RadioStPete : Hang in there Chuck! Looking forward to your return.
  • Dr. Chuck Stevens : Hold tight fans and friends. One day at a time. Still voiceless but getting better.
  • guest_4856 : Get well Dr. Chuck. Cancer sucks we miss you in L.A.
  • Frank Rivera : Wish that I were there.
  • guest_5238 : loved the music at our cookout tonight in upstate ny. Thanks.
  • Frank Rivera : Welcome to Sunday Night Jazz!
  • Dr, Chuck Steven : Drop me a line anytime Cancer treatment still has me where Cant talk at all but can write So here we go and
  • Dr, Chuck Steven : Thank you I will be back soon.
  • guest_6184 : More Dr.Chuck
  • Frank Rivera : By the way, I like your pseudo name: Rocco.
  • Frank Rivera : Hi, Rocco! Every now and again I broadcast for WDNA in Miami. However, I broadcast for every Sunday night from 7:00 until 10:00 p.m..
  • Rocco : Frank are you still on radio in Miami? Found this ...glad I did.
  • Frank Rivera : Hi, Diane! Yes, we did meet. Thanks for tuning in.
  • Frank Rivera : Hi, Diane! Yes, we did meet.Thanks for tuning in.
  • Frank Rivera : Hi, Lola! Yes, opened tonight's session with a long Brazilian set. But, i can select a nice tune in a bit.
  • guest_9772 : Signing off but saying hello and cheers from UK. Have to go to work and stayed up too late.
  • Beach Drive : Im Diane live at Ovation. May have met you and your wife at Hanger? Just discovered your Sunday Night show?
  • Lola : Did I miss the Brazilian Jazz session?
  • Frank Rivera : And I love playing the music. Thanks for listening!
  • Nancy : Not sure exactly what the conversation is about but we both love this music every Sunday night. Thanks Frank Rivera. We are in Spring Hill.
  • RadioStPete : We love it Frank! If you do it live, the Program Director can't screw it up?
  • Frank Rivera : Welcome back to Sunday Night Jazz!
  • RadioStPete : Fire the Program Director! Dr. Chuck is playing the Beatles tonight instead! Sorry for the mistake but enjoy anyway!
  • guest_4722 : Happy Hour was TOO F'ing fun tonight! I'm hooked!
  • Dr. Chuck Stevens : Drop me a line anytime Cant talk at all but can write So here we go and
  • Dr. Chuck Stevens : UPDATE: Dr. Chuck Stevens here. Thanks for all the kind words. Next couple of weeks due to cancer chemo and radiation will be the best of. Be back soon.
  • Frank Rivera : By the way, the weather here is getting to be downright hot and humid. I can't wait to visit friends and family in Northern Vermont and Montreal.
  • Frank Rivera : Thanks for your kind words.
  • Jazz Lover : I make this my regular place to listen Sunday nights. Have a place on Treasure Island in the winter for 3 months. Saying hello from my home outside Milwaukee.
  • Mia : I love this show. Want more like this. PLEASE
  • Fred_FromStpete : Love the slideshow