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Overnight, enjoy fine concert music nonstop with live hosts from “The Classical Station. ” Then start your day the Classical Way with “Classical Sunrise” from the Florida Orchestra with host Joe Goetz every  morning 5-8am

Stay up to date with World News from the Voice of America  and local weather and traffic reports. Garrison Keillor’s “Writer’s Almanac” each morning at 8:10am  (10:10am Sundays) with News and information at lunchtime and at 5pm weekdays. 

Frequent live events coverage too through the week from all over Tampa Bay. 

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We are equipped to go live from anywhere- anytime providing live coverage of countless local events, luncheons, grand openings and more.  We are happy to interview the people who make our local events happen, elected officials and business leaders with a special focus on our many great nonprofit organizations.


Our RadioStPete team produces regularly scheduled entertaining local features every week.  Comedy. Sports. Local Arts and Music. Restaurants and Entertainment. We are happy to host and promote a fast growing group of local podcasters focusing on all things St. Pete and Greater Tampa Bay.  Many of these podcasts are first aired live on RadioStPete and then distributed everywhere podcasts are found.

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We play new pop releases sooner than you may hear them elsewhere.  The current pop hits. The greatest classic rock. Best local musicians too.  

Saturday Night we party with the oldies. Sunday Night we feature three hours of Classic Jazz followed by two hours of cool Indie tracks. “Classical Sunrise” early mornings. Sacred Sunday Mornings. 

Upcoming Features

Good Morning! From RadioStPete; Classical Music through the Night and 8am Morning News Features

12 Midnight-5am  Classical Music Through The Night from "The Classical Station" Radio Network!  

5-8:05 am  "Classical Sunrise" from the Florida Orchestra....   

Produced and hosted by veteran classical music broadcaster Joe Goetz and drawing upon Indiana University Public Radio WFIU's collection of more than 70,000 pieces of classical music, ...

8:05 am RadioStPete Morning News and Feature Programming

VOA World News, Tampa Bay Weather and Traffic

Today's Tampa Bay Event Calender

Find out where your favorite local bands are playing tonight from

"Writer's Almanac" with Garrison Keillor

"Data Doctors" Tech Tips

"This Day in Blues History" with pioneering podcaster P.W. Fenton

"Market Mafia" with Tara and Bulls Radio "USF Football Preview" Fridays!


9am Feature Story News from Capitals Around the Globe 




12 Noon "Lunchtime News and Conversations!"

Wed 12:30pm St. Pete Catalyst: "Innovation in The Burg"

How one unexpected partnership is using data to keep families together

On this episode of Innovation in the 'Burg, Alison welcomes Dr. Sandra Braham of Gulf Coast Jewish Family and Community Services and Tom Witmer of SageLegion to the podcast to talk about their unexpected partnership. Thanks to a chance meeting at a luncheon, the two began collaborating on a data project to help GCJFCS find indicators that would predict a second removal of the child from their family home. They talk innovation mindset, data and keeping families together.


Wed 1pm "Mr. Media" Interviews EP 1137 "Beer Wars"

This should be an interesting show. We have a guest who is allergic to beer and a host who never touches the stuff. Naturally, the subject is… beer! Anat Baron is the director of a new documentary called . Now available for sale on DVD, it’s not a movie about rival frat houses—on second thought, maybe it is. Baron presents a sometimes tongue-in-cheek study have how the big three brewing companies—Anheuser-Busch, Coors and Miller—will stop at nothing to gobble up shelf space in your neighborhood convenience, grocery or liquor store and kick the little guys to the curb. Sprinkled throughout the film are familiar pop culture touchstones from old beer commercials to industrial films and even a word about competition from an imaginary beer, Duff. ANAT BARON podcast excerpt: "I was really interested by new consumers who are similar to those going to farmers markets, eating local foods, supporting small companies over large companies. People who are saying, 'Yes, I can buy chocolate from Hershey, but there is a guy down the street making it, too, and I want to support him.'" Baron, as I mentioned, is allergic to beer, but that didn’t stop her from becoming general manager of Mike’s Hard Lemonade, where she took the company from nowhere to $200 million in sales. 


LIVE 2:25pm "Race of The Day" Tampa Bay Downs

Live Race Day, Feature Race

Coverage with Handicapper Bob Bauer and Track Announcer Richard Grunder.


LIVE 4pm "Music Tampa Bay" w/ Rick Crandall from The Zoo Studios

Our daily live simulcast with 96.7 FM, WMTB in downtown St. Pete. "Music Tampa Bay." All Original, All Local" music.  Hear it 24/7 at

5pm "Drivetime" World News, Weather, Traffic and Features

LIVE 7pm "Bull Rush" from BullsRadio

All things USF Sports live from the BullsRadio studios in Tampa!  

LIVE 8pm Tampa Bay Rowdies Soccer w/ The Unused Substitutes"

Your weekly Rowdies Soccer show! 

LIVE Thurs 6pm Annual Meeting. St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce

The St. Pete Chamber's Annual Meeting presented by Johnson, Pope, Bokor, Ruppel, and Burns LLP  and Valley Bank is a celebration of the accomplishments of the past year, recognition of community leaders and a discussion of the vision for the future of the Chamber and our community. The Chamber Member of the Year will be named and the gavel will be passed from the outgoing Board of Governor's Chair to the incoming Board Chair.


Fri 1pm "St. Petersburg Foodies" Podcast w/ Chris Sweeney & Rob Reinsmith from Noble Crust


Welcome to the St. Petersburg Foodies Podcast Episode 73! Our featured interview today is with Interview with Chris Sweeney & Rob Reinsmith from Noble Crust. Noble Crust serves up unique masterpieces of Italian & Southern-fusion cuisine. In the past year they've been included on six of our "Best of ..." lists. For our music segment, we have our youngest interviewee yet. 14-year old singing sensation, Marissa Peddie joins us with an advanced preview of her new single, "Fallin'".

LIVE Feb 6th Suncoast Tiger Bay: "Future Thinking – The Continuing Conversation on Race + St. Pete"

A Suncoast Tiger Bay Special Event in honor of Black History Month. Join us for a panel of distinguished community members discussing the future of race, diversity and inclusion in St. Petersburg.


Kimberly Jackson, Esq., St. Petersburg College


Gypsy Gallardo, Founder/Editor of Power Broker Magazine

Dr. Kanika Tomlin, Deputy Mayor of St. Pete

Sarah-Jane Vatelot, Architect and Author of Where Have All The Mangoes Gone: Reactivating the Tropicana Field Site

Sunday Mornings on RadioStPete!
12 Mid-5am  ET   "Classical Music through the Night" from "The Classical Station."   Live in studio hosts and great concert music nonstop from Raleigh, NC on RadioStPete seven  early mornings a week.

5am  Classical Sunrise" from The Florida Orchestra

7am   "Harmonia" Early Music Hour from Indiana Public Radio.

Today’s performers bring to life the music of the past on Harmonia—a weekly, one-hour radio program that explores music of the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, and beyond. Join host Angela Mariani each week for an hour of exciting recordings, interviews, live excerpts, and commentary as she invites us to fire up our historical imaginations and spend an hour in the contemporary world of early music.

8am  "With Heart and Voice" WXXI Public Radio Network

With Heart and Voice ® is a weekly program of sacred choral and organ music that features recordings from around the world. Exploring the ever-growing treasury of works for life's spiritual side, its seasons and celebrations, With Heart and Voice presents choral and organ music of many faiths, cultures and nationalities, and over a thousand years of celebration. Hosted by Peter DuBois, the program celebrates the seasons of the liturgical year and focuses on the richness and beauty of sacred music.

9:05am   "Sing For Joy"

The Sing For Joy radio program, produced by St. Olaf College, has a simple mission: to explore the weekly themes of Christian worship by providing the best in sacred choral music and thoughtful commentary. The musical performances eloquently "do the talking," while the concise remarks from host Pastor Bruce Benson illuminate the meaning of the texts.

A defining trait of Sing For Joy is basing each week's music on the scriptural lessons specified in the Revised Common Lectionary. This three-year cycle of readings has become the basis for worship in the services that a majority of the worshiping faithful in America attend.

9:35am  "Music and The Spoken Word"  Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square

For more than eight decades, nearly the lifetime of radio, The Tabernacle Choir has presented a weekly program — Music and the Spoken Word — without interruption, giving voice to peace, hope, inspiration and the goodness of God. No other broadcast can claim such a heritage.

10:05am  "Writer's Almanac" Garrison Keillor

"Issues in The News"

Washington journalists from print, wire services, and broadcast media discuss the top news stories of the week. Drawing on their contacts and sources at the White House, Capitol Hill and elsewhere, our panel of journalists provide unique insights and analysis.

"Press Conference USA"

Join host Carol Castiel for this 30-minute weekly newsmaker program that provides listeners around the globe with information and insights on a wide range of topics spanning U.S. politics, foreign policy, global health, science and culture.  

11:40am  "VOA Asia"

VOA Asia presents the best and most interesting stories from our veteran reporters covering Asia. VOA Asia tells what U.S.-Asian relationships might mean in your daily life, and what Asians think about life in the United States.

12:05pm  VOA World News, Sunday Local Events and Music on Stage. 

12:20pm  "Cinema Clash" with Charlie Juhl and Hannah Buchdahl"

Maryland-based critics Charlie Juhl and Hannah Buchdahl debate the merits of new releases, from the mainstream movies that Hannah tends to favor, to obscure foreign films that Charlie likes to champion. It’s free-flowing, unedited conversation, with the occasional wine wager. Two very different perspectives. One entertaining podcast. Let the clash begin!


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  • Frank Rivera : Tonight we pay tribute to Nina Simone who passed on on April 21st, 2003, and left us with a treasure trove of her music.
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  • guest_7609 : I vacationed in Tampa Bay last summer. Your satiation played a song call Tampa Bay. if you still have it can you please play it for me?
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