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During the Global Coronavirus crisis when our world has changed – we have shifted our focus to global, national, state and local coverage.  Frequent news updates. Live coverage of briefings from Washington. Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida. Pinellas County Commissioners and City of St. Pete officials. Goverment and health authorities. 

Since our volunteer run radio station is 100% virtual and most of our contributors work from home, we expect to be able to continue our broadcasting service going forward with few changes. 

Throughout each day and night, we offer the area’s best music variety on radio by far!

Pop Hits and new releases to Classic Rock, and even Local bands. Saturday Night Oldies and Sunday night Classic Jazz and Indie and fine Classical Music.

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Stay up to date with World News from the Voice of America  and local weather and traffic reports. Garrison Keillor’s “Writer’s Almanac” each morning at 8:10am  (10:10am Sundays) with News and information at lunchtime and at 5pm weekdays. 

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We are equipped to go live from anywhere- anytime providing live coverage of countless local events, luncheons, grand openings and more.  We are happy to interview the people who make our local events happen, elected officials and business leaders with a special focus on our many great nonprofit organizations.


Our RadioStPete team produces regularly scheduled entertaining local features every week.  Comedy. Sports. Local Arts and Music. Restaurants and Entertainment. We are happy to host and promote a fast growing group of local podcasters focusing on all things St. Pete and Greater Tampa Bay.  Many of these podcasts are first aired live on RadioStPete and then distributed everywhere podcasts are found.

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We play new pop releases sooner than you may hear them elsewhere.  The current pop hits. The greatest classic rock. Best local musicians too.  

Saturday Night we party with the oldies. Sunday Night we feature three hours of Classic Jazz followed by two hours of cool Indie tracks. “Classical Sunrise” early mornings. Sacred Sunday Mornings. 

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Today's episode of the St. Petersburg Foodies Podcast is our 2nd special edition because of the mayhem caused by COVID-19. We will have a series of clips from 2019, including Gloria West's Fast Five Questions, Bloopers from 2018, Pete Boland - The Galley, Rachel Bennett - The Library, Kelley Duff - Pizza Box, and Tom Woodard - Pom Pom's.

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TBA St. Pete Mayor Rick Kriseman Caronavirus Briefing Brief

TBA Tampa Mayor Jane Castor Caronavirus Briefing

LIVE TBA ET Governor Ron DeSantis Coronovirus Press Conference

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The Locked On Rays podcast is your daily podcast covering all facets of the Tampa Bay Rays. Hosts Kevin Weiss and Ulises Sambrano bring a journalist's and fan's perspective to dissect all things Rays, giving you your morning cup of coffee of baseball analytics, traditional stats, recaps and ramblings of the team they've followed for years. Join us every day for an exciting season that could be as thrilling as a certain comeback, extra-inning walk-off victory! Part of the Locked On Podcast Network Enjoy the show and want to grow your business? Text the word ADVERTISING to 33777 or visit Follow the podcast on Twitter @LockedOnRays and e-mail comments/questions to

5pm "Drivetime" World News, Weather, Traffic and Features

LIVE 6pm "Mark O Radio Happy Hour"

8pm "WoodSongs Old Time Radio Hour"

RHONDA VINCENT was famously crowned as "The New Queen of Bluegrass" by the
Wall Street Journal, and is considered the most decorated artist in that
field. She is an 8-time IBMA Female Vocalist of the Year and Grammy
winner. Her group The Rage is the most Award Winning Group in Bluegrass
Music History. Vincent's music incorporates savvy contemporary touches
while drawing deeply from the authentic traditions of classic bluegrass,
with a flawless band that can execute break-neck instrumentals to heart
wrenching ballads. She will be performing material for her latest project
‘Rhonda Vincent & The Rage with Bluegrass Legends Live at the

WoodSongs Kids: The Borders Band is a family band from Clarksville, TN
consisting of five siblings ranging in age from 6-13 years old. All attend
the Conservatory of Annie Moses in Nashville, TN, where each studies at
least two instruments, vocal and stage performance, music theory and
composition, and family performance.

9pm "Acoustic Cafe" w/ Rob Reinhart

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12 Mid -5am  Fine Classical Music all night from "The Classical Music Station "Radio Network"

5-7am  "Classical Sunrise" from the Florida Orchestra w/ veteran classical music broadcaster Joe Goetz

7am  "Harmonia Early Music" program.

8am "With Heart and Voice"

9:05am  "Sing For Joy"  from St. Olaf College

9:35am "Music and The Spoke Word" Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square

10am   VOA World News, Weather and Garrison Keillor

10:15am-12 Noon  Sunday Morning Talk and Public Affairs from Voice of America including"Issues in The News"   VOA "Encounter'" "Press Conference USA"  and "VOA Asia."





Latest Message: 4 days ago
  • Frank Rivera : Please feel free to contact us for a favorite tune.
  • Frank Rivera : Tonight's message from Radio St. Pete is: Smile! Smile more. Give out that random smile.
  • Frank Rivera : Welcome back to Sunday Night Jazz.
  • Frank Rivera : ...stay positive! We can do this!
  • Frank Rivera : Welcome back to Sunday Night Jazz.
  • Frank Rivera : The suns is our friend.
  • guest 2749 : Will do ... down here in Naples trying to push backon my dermotologist and stay out in the sun. They say sun kills the virus.
  • Frank Rivera : These are strange times. Lay low, and stay safe.
  • guest_3785 : Me too ... don't know it to request more . But amazing
  • Frank Rivera : Risque early music!
  • guest_2749 : Love this cool old stuff. Stay safe Frank.
  • guest_2236 : Jeff Noble and Dave Clark cheering on Caleb Clark and the other 2 Great Lake Canadians from Orillia Ontario.
  • guest_7472 : Getting From Innisfil Ontario Rooting for my grandson Tyson G teams Canada 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦
  • Jimmy : from Brantford Ontario
  • Jimmy : Calvin Ziegler family
  • Hayden Zweig : Listening from Irvine California Shout out to Owen Cassie
  • Joseph Italiano : Shout out to David Calabrese from your family back home in Ontario Canada
  • guest_1023 : David Calabrese family back in Canada are proud of you. We are all listening
  • Nate Ochoa : Play your heart out Nate. We are listening. Love Nana and Grampa from Burlington.
  • Paula : Willy Watson’s family and friends are proud of him and the entire JNT. Thanks for representing so well! We are listening to all your games!!!
  • guest_973 : Hello from Willy Watson's home town of Brampton!
  • guest_2947 : From Vancouver...Thank you RadioStPete for bring us these games! Much appreciated!!!
  • RadioStPete : Thanks all!!
  • RadioStPete : Thanks for listening! We enjoy doing our best to bring you these games. Another record audience today for RadioStPete. (in Canada!!)
  • guest_5132 : Great job GIORDANO!!! Keep up the good work!
  • guest_476 : listening from vancouver shout out to Loreto Siniscalchi.We love you!
  • guest_7472 : I'm rooting for Team Canada From Innisfil Ontario 👌 most of all my Grandson Tyson G .🇨🇦 Team Canada Go Go
  • guest_5132 : Listening from Vancouver...good luck JNT and a shout out to Giordano Mezzomo!!!
  • Bradley Watson : Listened to my little bro Will Watson pitch solid three innings. What a legend!
  • guest_7353 : Watching Team Canada from Brampton, ON.
  • guest_7353 : Let’s go Team Canada!!
  • guest_3163 : Hello from Burlington Ontario! Lets go JNT 🙂 Shout out to Owen Caissie
  • guest_4589 : From Vancouver ... Go JNT! and have fun!!!
  • guest_8815 : Listening from Vancouver BC to game Blue Jays vs JNT players especially Russell Young (catcher) Go JNT!
  • guest_4589 : Yay Giordano Mezzomo!!!
  • Frank Rivera : I'm certain that we can dust off some Dr. John.
  • Lola : Frank, hi! Perhaps a little Dr. John later? Something from Duke Elegant?
  • guest_5478 : Enjoyed the Trop Rock from Tampa this weekend too. Thanks.
  • guest_9716 : I agree!! Thanks!!!
  • Frank Rivera : We try! Radiostpete is a unique station for music, sports, and so much more.
  • Mona : Wow, Frank! What a cool rendition of the Rolling Stones you are playing! You always offer such unique jazz on your show. Tis why I keep listening.
  • Frank Rivera : Requests are welcome.
  • Frank Rivera : Welcome to Sunday Night Jazz!
  • Frank Rivera : Thanks, Rich! Thanks, Ariel!
  • guest_9929 : We love Coltrane!! Great to hear. Maybe one or two more tonight before you go off. Love your Sunday show!! Rich and Ariel in Marion, OH
  • guest_9946 : Thanks for the Tiger Bay luncheons. Really enjoyed Brian's talk from the Rays this week. Helped me understand a complicated issue.
  • Frank Rivera : Welcome to Sunday Night Jazz live from the Music Room in Dunedin.
  • Frank Rivera : Frank Rivera, aka: guest 4175.
  • guest_4175 : Welcome to Sunday Night Jazz, live from RadioSt. Pete's satellite studio in Dunedin, Florida
  • RadioStPete : Hello and many thanks. We agree. These programs are the best and are proud to make them available to our audience. Come visit. Sunny and 75 today!
  • Fans in Illinois : Thanks for this wonderful music on Sunday mornings!!!
  • New Jazz Lover : Thanks!
  • Frank Rivera : That was Lou Lausche on violin.
  • New Jazz Lover : Curious about what is on now with the string player?
  • guest_5014 : Hello from Bangor. Thinking about our favorite place and wishing we were there!!
  • guest_6108 : Do you have something for someone just waking up from yesterday's Tampa Fest? Good Morning?
  • Frank Rivera : That was King Curtis Curtis with "Melancholy Serenade."
  • Frank Rivera : Close. But no.
  • guest_875 : jACKIE gLEASON THEME?
  • guest_8888 : no special requests just keep it coming. getting ready for cool weather here in Florida!
  • Frank Rivera : Hello, everyone! Any special requests?
  • RadioStPete : Thanks. Please contact us at
  • Frank Rivera : Thanks, Lola!
  • Lola : Great music tonight, Frank.
  • Frank Rivera : Hey, everyone, Happy New Year from all of us at Radio St. Pete!
  • guest_1239 : Happy New Year Radio Saint Pete
  • Frank Rivera : Happy Holidays, from the Radio St. Pete family!
  • guest_8448 : Merry Christmas to all!!
  • guest_5142 : Merry Christmas Frank and to everyone there!! Lennie
  • Frank Rivera : Happy Holidays from all of us at Radio St. Pete!
  • Frank Rivera : Vince is among my favorite musicians.
  • lucy : guaraldi I think. step down from this show but worth a listen, Great memories. Just joking on the name,
  • Frank Rivera : Guaraldi.
  • guest_8398 : Wonder if you have that trio that played for Charlie Brown Christmas. Vince Starts with a G?
  • guest_9405 : Love it all thanks.
  • Frank Rivera : Let us know about special requests.
  • guest_9405 : Great music... cool to find a real jazz show. Found RadioStPete because I am a Garrison Keillor fan and discovered your show thanks.
  • Frank Rivera : Wow, yes. I'll do my best! By the way, the weather here is great!
  • guest_3455 : Any Ella Fitzgerald Christmas or similar. Hello from Kingston, Ontario!! Go Blue Jays ... see you in March. Can't wait.
  • Frank Rivera : Welcome to Sunday Night Jazz, live from Radio St. Pete's satellite studio in Dunedin, Florida.
  • Jenny : We did many thanks Frank!
  • Frank Rivera : Jenny, we're hoping that you and your husband enjoyed the Duke Ellington set.
  • guest_8202 : Duke it will be.
  • Jenny : My husband and I would love to hear some Duke Ellington tonight. Thank you. We are regular local listeners on Sunday nights.
  • RadioStPete : Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Frank Rivera : The weather here is perfect! I'm certain that it's bettah here than in Marion. Although, I am looking forward to a few days in the Washington D.C. area next week. Great food and Jazz on U Street!
  • Frank Rivera : I (we) Chick Corea.
  • Nancy : We are headed there for Thanksgiving ... please warm things up! Hello tonight from Marion, OH.
  • guest_3523 : How about some Chick Corea. Thanks. Love the Sunday night sounds.
  • Engineer : a little hot
  • Frank Rivera : Welcome to Sunday Night Jazz!
  • Conchita Sydney : greets Radio St Pete
  • Ola EuropaPlus : Loreen EuropaPlus :
  • Frank Rivera : As a Vietnam veteran i agree! Let's see what i can muster.
  • Vets : Anything to salute Vets ... big band I guess and stuff from Vietnam era. Don't know what to suggest but Monday is a big day for many us. Thanks for your show!
  • Frank Rivera : Welcome to Sunday Night Jazz!
  • Frank Rivera : Can they possibly win?
  • Bucs in OT : Hard to focus on the music ... with all this frustration on our screen. Will be over soon.
  • guest_775 : We love Joni!!!
  • Frank Rivera : Celebrating Joni Mitchell's birthday this week.
  • Frank Rivera : Trumpeters coming up. Soon!
  • Frank Rivera : Go Nats! Go Astros!
  • Frank Rivera : Hey, it's Halloween Week!
  • Nate : Great way to start!! Play ball.
  • Nate in Temple Terra : How about a couple trumpeters ... I used to be pretty good myself but not any more. Your piclk At some point tonight no rush. I will be watching World Series and listening to your show.
  • guest_8888 : Good Morning from across the pond ... ready for Monday Morning Jazz! Regular listeners from Lakeland on a little visit to Cambridge.
  • Frank Rivera : Conchita is great! More people need to be exposed to her style of singing.
  • Ola-EuropaPlus : Loreen Europa Plus: enjoy Conchita's concert in Sydney ( You Tube) and have a great Sunday morning ! thanks Radio St Pete
  • Frank Rivera : Welcome to Sunday Night Jazz!
  • RadioStPete : Good Bye Nestor Thanks for blowing away in time for a beautiful Tampa Bay Sunday!
  • Frank Rivera : Hello, Betty, hi,Dick. Any musical requests?
  • Dick and Betty : Kingston, Ontario says hello. Thanks for the great music.
  • guest_4191 : Charlie Parker?
  • Frank Rivera : Art Tatum's missing from the collection. Gahhhhh!
  • Frank Rivera : Comin' up. Soon.
  • guest_6765 : Can we hear some Thelonius tonight sometime. Thanks.
  • Crying In Our Beer : Trying again to send. Hello from London. Flying back home tomorrow. Came over for Bucs game. ughh how about a little Art Tatum before bedtime,
  • Frank Rivera : Welcome to Sunday Night Jazz!
  • guest_9862 : Hey can I call in
  • Frank Rivera : ...and for listening to Sunday Night Jazz here on
  • Frank Rivera : Thanks for your requests.
  • guest_773 : Love it thanks!!
  • guest_6387 : Watching play off baseball but listening to jazz. Go Nats! Hello from Fredericksburg, VA. But pulling for your Rays tomorrow afternoon. Elliott
  • guest_773 : Can you play Sergio Mendez if that works? Listening from Holiday tonight. Holiday, FL that is ... thanks Frank!
  • Fargo, ND : Bet you never thought you would have a listener up here. You do. Love your jazz on Sunday nights. Ed and Lacey
  • guest_4768 : Hello St. Pete. From Detroit tonight. How about Oscar Peterson?
  • Frank Rivera : Any requests?
  • Frank Rivera : Welcome back to Sunday Night Jazz!
  • Frank Rivera : Great topic, Maura.
  • guest_4768 : Long time listener. How about some Ella tonight ... later is ok ... will be listening from Hudson tonight.
  • James ... jazz lover : Enjoying the West Side Story. Any Horace Silver later on? Thanks frank
  • guest_6264 : Thanks for the 911 programming this morning. The people in Palm Harbor did as beautiful job.
  • Frank Rivera : Welcome to the Sunday Night Jazz program. Feel free to contact us via the website's chat page for requests or comments.
  • guest_6264 : Sorry about your mom PJ. Beautiful tribute
  • RadioStPete : Thanks for listening. Reach out to us with any ideas you might have for additional programs.
  • guest_1542 : This is a very cool local station. Just found you and now a regular! Only world news I have found on radio as well as so many local things.
  • Frank Rivera : It's good to know that there are jazz fans that are qued to
  • Frank Rivera : Fly into Manchester often. Either there or Burlington.
  • Lacey : We are big jazz fans ... old northeast so you have some listeners here in St. Pete
  • guest_9739 : That was my wife
  • guest_9739 : Ditto that
  • guest_9739 : Ditto
  • guest_5601 : Lovin this
  • Nelson : Blues Alley? Sorry my mind does not work like it used to work
  • Nelson : I live in Lutz now but used to live in DC and would go to hear Ramsey Lewis at a club there. Can't remember the club but it was famous.
  • Mary : We are near Manchester.
  • Frank Rivera : Jazz requests are welcome here on Sunday Night Jazz.
  • Frank Rivera : ...get, not "got."
  • Frank Rivera : Thanks for tuning in. We got up to New Hampshire and Vermont quite often.